December timetable

Chiltern have posted the new timetable valid from 13th December through 16th May.

There are no significant changes (AFICT) for Bicester, but there is one damning one (IMHO) for Islip.  No doubt in an attempt to spread things out more evenly, but without any passengers in mind, and without any consultation, they have removed the 09.02 from Islip weekdays into Oxford, exchanging it for a 10.02. So people dropping off children before going to work, those who start a little later and those who just wanted to avoid the early morning crush are politely stuffed. (Please excuse me if you differ, but I know I speak for some, at least.)

The new complete timetable may be found here.

While this is my concise version for Islip folk. (Subtract 6mins from Oxford time for the parkway station. Add a large galollup for the slow bus link which replaces the train on the last leg (a lot less perhaps if you take a bike instead).)

Replacement bus service from Oxford Parkway

I have just heard a few more details about the ‘augmented’ 500 bus service that will link Oxford Parkway (OPY), Oxford City centre and Oxford station :

  • every rail service will be met at OPY
  • rail tickets will be accepted on a bus
  • every bus will be able to carry bikes
  • the service will generally be every 15mins, though only half-hourly buses are entered on the National Rail database
  • season ticket holders will be able to get on or off in the city centre.

More information, from Oxford Bus, can be found here.

Final timetable and fares announced

Chiltern have made available the final timetable from October 26th and fares at Islip and Bicester. Please ignore the fares previously given both the Chiltern website and NRE (which gave a little cause for concern). Fares to/from Oxford (centre) will be published shortly.

CR Oxf-Bic fares 30-09-2015

Here is an up-to-date version of my own summary of the timetable for Islip :

Oxford-Bicester (Oct 2015)

Hope we all agree that these fares seem reasonable and remain competitive with most bus services.

As I write, I can hear the toot of trains on the line behind me, running for driver training.

Take care to consult the Chiltern website for weekend services as there is still much work to be completed along the track.

There is no firm date yet for the commencement of services into Oxford centre.  The best recommendation is to take note of any news in the Oxford Times.

Meeting with talk by Chiltern about Oxford-Bicester line

Oxon & Bucks Rail Action Committee (note :  OBRAC, not OBRAG) and Railfuture (Thames Valley) are to hold a joint meeting at 19.00 on Wednesday 9th September 2015 at Bicester Town Counci Chambersl, The Garth Launton Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6PS.

Guest speaker will be Stephen Barker of Chiltern Railways on the Bicester-Oxford Railway.

Chiltern update

Chiltern have confirmed that the line will commence service from Oxford Parkway on Monday 26th October this year, with staff at each station offering a welcome, and probably some promotional offers.

The timetable still awaits confirmation of freight timing from NR but is deemed unlikely to change significantly.  However, there is still no news regarding fares.

Chiltern’s standard cycling policy will apply. “Most of the buses that will operate the 500 bus route between Oxford Parkway and Oxford station (via the city centre) will be able to carry bikes.”

“Car parking charges at Oxford Parkway will be at similar pricing to the Water Eaton Park & Ride (but with a simpler structure).” Parking at Islip Station will be free of charge (though limited).

They have been kind enough to supply a timetable specifically for Islip which highlights options to connect at Oxford Parkway to use other fast trains up or down.

There is still no further news regarding when the line into Oxford itself will open. The original intention to open in March 2016 seems impossible now, given the failure of NR to secure either planning permission or acceptance of noise and vibration from Oxford City Council in time.