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At the AGM, Chiltern Railways confirmed that the Bicester-Oxford line will need to be closed for a period of 9-12 months, beginning mid 2011, in order for the track improvements for Evergreen 3 to be carried out. This will obviously be a great inconvenience to users of the service. Unfortunately this work is necessary due to the position of the existing line and the poor condition of the foundations beneath it.

In the meantime a replacement service will operate. There was some discussion at the AGM about the options for replacement services and Chiltern seem open to discussion about this. Please vote in the following poll to express your preference(s) or add a comment if you have a suggestion that is not listed:

The Evergreen 3 upgrades will mean no rail services on the Bicester Link line for 9-12 months. Which replacement services would you find useful? (Tick one or more choices)

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7 thoughts on “Line closure – replacement services

  1. Please don’t strand Islip rail-users ! we are a loyal and growing group.

  2. Regarding replacement bus services from Bicester Town to Oxford, can anyone tell me where the buses leave from? Is it from outside the station or from one of the bus stops on the main road?

  3. As the post mentions, this replacement service will not begin operation until at least early 2011. Details of where stops would be, if replacement buses are the chosen option, will be announced nearer the time and we may have the chance to have a say in that decision.

  4. Thanks for your swift reply, but my question was more in reference to the replacement bus service that will be operating later this month during engineering works on the line. I thought there would be a standard arrangement that someone would be able to tell me.

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  6. Why not go for all three options – to give a wider choice to all?
    Chiltern seemed open to that idea at the AGM….

    Getting permissions to use trains via B/North & Banbury won’t cost Chiltern anything to implement…..for example.

  7. FGW replacement buses. In my experience, these leave Bicester Town from half way down Station Road, at the entrance to the trading estate.

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