Railcards on the 9:58 from Islip to Oxford

Many thanks to Ian East, who has clarified with Chiltern Railways that the following rail cards are valid on the 9:58 morning service from Islip to Oxford:

·         Family Railcard is valid.

·         Network Railcard is not valid- Chiltern are in touch with the Rail Delivery Group (ATOC) to see if an Easement can be put in place for this card.

·         Senior Railcard is valid- it becomes valid when the Off-Peak Day Return becomes valid.
·         16-25 Railcard is valid, but has a £12 minimum fare on weekdays before 10:00.
·         Two Together Railcard is also valid, as it is after 09:30

Final timetable and fares announced

Chiltern have made available the final timetable from October 26th and fares at Islip and Bicester. Please ignore the fares previously given both the Chiltern website and NRE (which gave a little cause for concern). Fares to/from Oxford (centre) will be published shortly.

CR Oxf-Bic fares 30-09-2015

Here is an up-to-date version of my own summary of the timetable for Islip :

Oxford-Bicester (Oct 2015)

Hope we all agree that these fares seem reasonable and remain competitive with most bus services.

As I write, I can hear the toot of trains on the line behind me, running for driver training.

Take care to consult the Chiltern website for weekend services as there is still much work to be completed along the track.

There is no firm date yet for the commencement of services into Oxford centre.  The best recommendation is to take note of any news in the Oxford Times.

Meeting with Chiltern Railways

Updated, as date of meeting has changed:

The OBRAG committee will be meeting with Chiltern Railways on 19 April 2010. The purpose is to talk about concerns that we have, as a group, about the proposed service level after Chiltern take over from FGW on the Bicester Link line.

Currently on the agenda are: loss of enhanced service, fares, bikes, station facilities, car parking. If you have any specific queries or additional areas for discussion, please contact us or comment here.