Final timetable and fares announced

Chiltern have made available the final timetable from October 26th and fares at Islip and Bicester. Please ignore the fares previously given both the Chiltern website and NRE (which gave a little cause for concern). Fares to/from Oxford (centre) will be published shortly.

CR Oxf-Bic fares 30-09-2015

Here is an up-to-date version of my own summary of the timetable for Islip :

Oxford-Bicester (Oct 2015)

Hope we all agree that these fares seem reasonable and remain competitive with most bus services.

As I write, I can hear the toot of trains on the line behind me, running for driver training.

Take care to consult the Chiltern website for weekend services as there is still much work to be completed along the track.

There is no firm date yet for the commencement of services into Oxford centre.  The best recommendation is to take note of any news in the Oxford Times.

17 thoughts on “Final timetable and fares announced

  1. It’s been pointed out that this timetable doesn’t allow for parents with children at school to make a return journey from Bicester to Oxford within school hours. Are there plans to add trains to this timetable later on?

  2. The season ticket prices between Bicester and Oxford parkway seem ridiculous. The montly season ticket price of £107 is equivalent to more than 21 return tickets, is roughly the cost of buying one every work day…

  3. The season ticket prices quoted MAY not yet be final. (The wrong daily prices returned by both CR and NRE were attributed to error.)

  4. Checking fares on the National Rail website there are some absurdities. It is possible to book fares on the identical trains running from Oxford Parkway to Marylebone return and stopping at Islip both ways and pay 16.30 for the privilege of boarding at Islip return or 7.90 if one goes from and to OP! There is nothing to stop one paying the lesser amount and alighting at Islip. I am happy to take advantage of it but it does seem a little crazy!

  5. Looking at the timetable, the rail replacement from Oxford Parkway to Oxford is listed as the 500 bus, with a journey time of 28 minutes (currently some direct journeys to Bicester only take 25 mins, and some via Islip only take 35mins!) This suggests rail passengers will be waiting for the park and ride and it being a stopping service. Does anyone know if this is the case? The length of journey would negate any advantage of using the train, and seems poor when there is already a fleet of replacement buses that could provide a bespoke direct service (as you would expect from rail replacement)

  6. I agree this is crazy and have asked Chiltern for clarification.

  7. The 500 does have one advantage : that you can get off in the city centre. The replacement bus service cannot gain permission to do that. I have asked for confirmation that the 500 route will extend to the station and that rail tickets to Oxford will be honoured. I agree that this hardly constitutes an acceptable replacement for the train.

  8. These are probably Advance fares, which have not yet been finalised for Islip (delayed by DfT approval). Have been informed these start from £6 OPY to MYB, and that the same prices will apply from Islip, once approved.

  9. Any confirmation on whether the 500 bus will be extended to Oxford Rail Station?

  10. Not yet. Have just fired an email to chase it up. It’d obviously vital that it does connect the two stations, and honour rail tickets. Will post when I have reply.

  11. Just had this response from Chiltern Railways in regard to if a season ticket through to Oxford would be valid on the buses.

    As long as your season ticket is from Wembley Stadium or stations north of there, your season ticket will be valid on the buses.

  12. The website is showing the timetable for the new enhanced 500 service to Oxford rail station. Confusingly the timings back to Oxford Parkway are from the city centre with the wording ‘commencing at Oxford Rail Station 8-10 mins prior to times shown below’.

  13. Chiltern have confirmed that the 500 WILL run between from Water Eaton (Oxford Parkway) and Oxford stations, honouring valid rail tickets across that gap.

  14. I just note in the Chiltern Railways website.

    If you purchased your ticket from Bicester – Oxford Parkway, the ticket price will be £2.60 (off peak return) and £5.0 (anytime return). The off peak will start on 9.56am.

    If you purchased your ticket form Bicester – Oxford, the ticket price will be £2.70 (off peak return) and £5.20 (anytime return) with part train part bus travel. But the off peak will start at 8.32am.

    Which a bit strange because you will save still if you travel to Oxford Parkway using ticket from Bicester – Oxford at 8.32am

  15. Perhaps there is a little method in the madness. I think it’s all about connections. The usual off-peak start is 09.00 but FGW used to allow earlier on the branch (as it was) to allow onward connections which themselves started after 09.00.

    Also, it is apparently invalid to get off at any stop other than the one named (though, without barriers, they’re unlikely to catch you).

  16. Thanks for the reply chairman, at first I was thinking it is going to be much more expensive than bus and with the time spent from Bicester – Oxford, I don’t think it is going to worth it. But then after crunching the number below

    1. Direct bus (S5/X5) £5.20 (return – approx. 35-60min)

    2. Alternative, From Bic – OxParkway £5.00 (return – 12min each way) plus bus wait (10min each way) and OxP – Oxford £4.00 (return – 25min each way) total £9.00 (return – 47min each way)

    3. Solution, Bicester – Oxford £2.70 (return – 47min each way) with the same breakdown of number 2

    We have a winner 🙂 🙂 🙂

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