Hands off our railway Lord Adonis!

Andrew Adonis’ throwaway comments underline how vulnerable the existing Islip service might become in future:

OBRAG believes that Islip station is an important economic and social infrastructure asset that could and should be optimally used via a maintained or ideally enhanced timetable for Islip. This helps to take pressure away from the facilities at Parkway by allowing Islip residents and others to commute directly from Islip.

Adonis is as wrong as Beeching was!

2 thoughts on “Hands off our railway Lord Adonis!

  1. Regular users could usefully keep records of on/offs by train. It may also be an idea to arrange a survey count from time to time. ORR stats may be useful

  2. ORR 2016/17 had 19600 on/offs. 2013/14 was 27018 reflecting the extra services and better timetable. Hopefully EWR may include some stops.

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