Meeting with talk by Chiltern about Oxford-Bicester line

Oxon & Bucks Rail Action Committee (note :  OBRAC, not OBRAG) and Railfuture (Thames Valley) are to hold a joint meeting at 19.00 on Wednesday 9th September 2015 at Bicester Town Counci Chambersl, The Garth Launton Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6PS.

Guest speaker will be Stephen Barker of Chiltern Railways on the Bicester-Oxford Railway.

8 thoughts on “Meeting with talk by Chiltern about Oxford-Bicester line

  1. Hi
    Just a quick message to say thanks for arranging an interesting and informative briefing. My one Critism is it was a pity that there were no representatives from Network Rail or Oxfordshire County Council to explain the current position on the London Road level crossing.

  2. Has anyone noticed that the fares from Bicester Village are more expensive to London compared to Bicester North. 7 day from Bicester Village = 122.50 versus £117.90 from Bicester North. From the point of the split in the track I’d say distance to London was very similar. Any views on the justification/reasoning? Bit late for the meeting, sorry.

  3. Also looking at the Chiltern online ticket shop, the ticket price for a return between Bicester and Oxford is set to increase sharply. Peak return (via bustitution) is currently £5.20, but from 26 October the peak return will be £9 (and the site only lets you get as far as Oxford Parkway from 26th Oct) a 73% increase. Has anything been said about the ticket structure, including season tickets?

  4. Yes. Have written to Chiltern and am awaiting a reply.
    It’s worse for Islip : £7.30 rtn to OPY!! (over 100% increase and totally prohibitive)

  5. Thanks for the follow up. It would be good to know how they think they can justify such an increase which is going to make it so uncompetitive compared to the bus (from Bicester).

  6. Hello, How did you find out about pricing? I’ve tried Chiltern’s site but keep getting message that they can’t find a fare for that service! Agree that £9 totally prohibitive – unless they can give good deals on weekly / monthly railcards. Do you know what the offpeak fare will be?



  7. Are there any minutes from this meeting? Sorry unable to attend but I am very interested to know about it as I live close by the station. Thanks

  8. Just looked again at the pricing on national rail enquiries, and Bicester TOWN to Oxford Parkway anytime return has changed to £5. It’s not currently letting you select a Bicester TOWN to Oxford ticket.

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