Network Rail publishes timetable and plan

Network Rail have published their version of the timetable for the new service.

Sadly, service at Islip is missing the two trains that would  render commuting with London and High Wycombe viable :  the 06.12 and 20.15 departures for Oxford. (The 06.12 allowed connection at Oxford Parkway for London; the 20.15 allowed a departure from London at 19.07 – o’wise 17.50 or 21.35.) Earliest arrival in London is otherwise 09.27.

Chiltern have informed me that the NR timetable is not final, and that they still intend to run the two trains mentioned above. (I had thought that the NR timetable, published in May and December, was definitive, but that appears not to be the case.)

Aside from this, the NR timetable closely matches the earlier one provided by Chiltern, which is very welcome news.

NR have also just published their “Control Period 5” (CP5) Plan, which only confirms what we already knew :

  • EWR infrastructure will not be ready for the proposed Dec 2017 service between Milton Keynes and Reading until 2019
  • Oxford Parkway to Oxford opening remains scheduled for March 2016, but is subject to delays in obtaining planning permission for works at Oxford station and approval by Oxford City Council of noise and vibration mitigation.

At least the Oxford Area Resignalling project appears to have been completed on time (May 2015). Electrification also remains part of the plan but with no clear schedule.

13 thoughts on “Network Rail publishes timetable and plan

  1. Hello,
    The published timetable (p. 5) does feature a 7:14 departure from Islip to Oxford Parkway. Wouldn’t this allow a connection to the fast train to London (admittedly with no time to spare for delays), or am I misreading things?

  2. You’re quite right. It would allow use of the fast 07.24 to London. However, neither this nor the 06.31 stop at High Wycombe.
    Chiltern have informed me that the NR timetable is NOT final, and that they still in tend to retain the 06.12 departure from Islip which allows connection with the 06.31.

  3. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. Will Chiltern Railways be providing transport to and from Oxford Parkway to Oxford City Centre during the interim period? Or are they expecting people to use bikes and the existing park and ride buses? If the latter will train passengers be able to use the park and ride bus free of charge?

  4. Chiltern will provide a bus replacement service between Water Eaton and Oxford Station, after the line opens north this October.

  5. Thanks for the update!

    Will this be a direct bus, or will it stop elsewhere in Oxford? E.g. On Banbury Road/St Giles intersection. A lot of people decided not to use the rail replacement bus as it goes directly to the train station, and instead use the Oxford Tube, as it stops at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (was Radcliffe Infirmary) closer to our place of work north of the city centre.

    Also, will the first train from Bicester TOWN to Oxford Parkway be 07:08 arriving 07:21? There won’t be an earlier train, as there was previously? The 06:50 X5 leaving Bicester is packed each morning, so there a need for people to commute this early!

  6. Chiltern have published an updated provisional timetable today on their website – see

    There’s an earlier train from Bicester to Oxford Parkway at 06:05, calling at Islip to answer the query in the last post.

    Also both of the Islip stops in the services mentioned in the first post ARE included.

  7. Many thanks Ash. It’s good to have the early London up train confirmed. That leaves a reopening date for Oxford, fares and cycle carriage to negotiate!

  8. Also to note is that the 0724 to Marylebone will be a loco-hauled Mk iii set with a proper buffet, which is excellent news. I can’t remember whether there will be a corresponding return working in the evening.

  9. The return loco-hauled working leaves Marylebone at 1818 stopping only at Haddenham, Bicester Village and Oxford Parkway.

  10. It would be good to have a train somewhere between 06:05 and 07:08 going to Oxford from Bicester. Looks like I’m back on the bus – either I arrive at work too early or too late using the train to Oxford Parkway.

  11. there will of course be more trains when EastWest rail opens, but then I am forgetting that the residents of Wolvecote do not want any more trains passing their properties. The words “catch 22” spring to mind.

  12. I’m using monthly ticket to travel every day from Bicester to Culham Science Centre via Oxford train station. When train service from Bicester to Oxford stopped, bus service has been launched, which did and still does very good job.
    After new train service starts from Bicester to Oxford parkway, is there any transfer service planned from Oxford parkway to Oxford railway station? Do we need to pay extra for it?
    At this moment S5 bus service looks much more practical to travel to Oxford railway station then the new train service…

  13. There is an “augmented” bus service 500 into the city which Chiltern expect you to use, which will carry cycles. I have presumed that a ticket bought through to Oxford (fares to be announced shortly) will cover you for this. The 500 does not normally pass through to Oxford station. I have queried both this and fares and will post when I have an answer.

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