Railcards on the 9:58 from Islip to Oxford

Many thanks to Ian East, who has clarified with Chiltern Railways that the following rail cards are valid on the 9:58 morning service from Islip to Oxford:

·         Family Railcard is valid.

·         Network Railcard is not valid- Chiltern are in touch with the Rail Delivery Group (ATOC) to see if an Easement can be put in place for this card.

·         Senior Railcard is valid- it becomes valid when the Off-Peak Day Return becomes valid.
·         16-25 Railcard is valid, but has a £12 minimum fare on weekdays before 10:00.
·         Two Together Railcard is also valid, as it is after 09:30

1 thought on “Railcards on the 9:58 from Islip to Oxford

  1. Outrageous given the timetable that there is a £12.00 minimum for 16-25 year olds Could Chiltern please look into this one too ?

    Thanks !


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