Status Update

OBRAG held its Annual General Meeting on 24 January 2017. The minutes are posted here. Those attending provisionally agreed on a constitution (posted here), which will be ratified at the annual general meeting in 2018.

In the coming year, we identified the main priority for campaigning as improvement of evening service from London and maintaining or increasing service to Oxford. We will continue to write to Chiltern and to maintain pressure in order to accomplish these objectives. We are happy to coordinate with others who wish to write to Chiltern, and we will let you know when we send letters on behalf of OBRAG, so that you can support us if you wish.

Those attending also agreed that OBRAG would become affiliated with Railfuture, which makes us part of a nation-wide campaign group, advocating for ‘a bigger, better railway that more people choose to use’. This will offer us support and credibility as a part of a national network, as we transition into a rail user group. In order to do this effectively, however, we must be able to support ourselves and to show that we have an identifiable membership. Therefore, we agreed on an annual membership fee of £3 per person (or per couple for married/partnered individuals). The form for joining can be found here. (Please either email to an OBRAG officer or post to: Evershot, Kings Head Lane, Islip, Kidlington, Oxon., OX5 2SA.)

In the past Railfuture has subsidized OBRAG, and they continued to do so this year, covering the cost of renting the village hall for the AGM. We are grateful to them for their past support, and we will be paying them a membership fee in the future, out of the membership fees that we receive.

Other business at the meeting included the election of officers—Scot Peterson, Chair; and Richard Povey, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.