Upgrade work at Oxford Station this summer

There will be some changes to rail services in the Oxford area this summer as Network Rail upgrade the layout of tracks south of the station. There are also some works to stations, bridge repairs and removal of now defunct signalling equipment.

The works takes place between 22-30 July and is fully explained on the attached leaflet or at www.gwr.com/oxford2017

Detailed train and replacement bus times can be found online at GWR.com. Use the online point to point journey planner, or visit http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/pockettimetable/search and create a bespoke timetable.

1 thought on “Upgrade work at Oxford Station this summer

  1. Thanks for this; unrelated but on my mind is the fact that yesterday the 1.48 to London was suddenly cancelled….due at first on time; then said to be three minutes late and next came a notice that the train had broken down. The only solution was to get a taxi to Parkway but this took time. Surely when this happens the next Parkway train should/MUST be made to stop at Islip to pick up any stranded passengers and an announcement to this effect should be made.

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